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Ania Magliano

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Who is Ania Magliano?

Ania is a comedian based in London. She’s a triple threat (bisexual, Gen Z, bad at cooking). Her sharp, wry writing combined with her warm conversational performance style make her a 'glittering new talent' (the i Paper) of the UK comedy scene.

What's she done?

Her 2023 stand up show, I Can’t Believe You’ve Done This, was nominated for the Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Show, and sold out its entire Fringe run before the festival began. It received multiple 4 and 5 star reviews, with the Scotsman calling it a ‘beautifully structured show’ and Ania a ‘truly original voice with an impressive set of skills’. The show was included in British Comedy Guide’s ‘Best Reviewed Edinburgh Fringe Shows 2023’ list and was the Number 1 pick in Time Out’s ‘The 11 best comedy shows at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023’.

Her debut hour of comedy, Absolutely No Worries If Not, won Best New Show at Leicester Comedy Festival 2022, and sold out entire runs at the Edinburgh Fringe and Soho Theatre. An extra date was put on at London’s Leicester Square Theatre for one night only. The Times described it as 'the sort of elegantly amusing, surprising and inspiring debut hour that you come to the Fringe to see', whilst the Guardian listed it as one of 10 Fringe Shows Not To Miss, saying it 'will have you crying with laughter'

Ania on stage doing stand up
A close up of Ania on stage doing stand up
Ania on stage doing stand up in front of an audience that's laughing
A tweet that says it's incredible that months and months of work on self love & acceptance can be undone by one (1) trip to the Zara changing rooms
A screenshot of a video with the caption what your email signature says about you
A tweet that says the song She Moves in Her Own Way is about a woman who scampers across the floor on all fours like a rat
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A tweet that says whats the german word for when you think someone's funny online but then they do a sincere post about the royal family
A screenshot of a video with the caption every company during Pride
A tweet that says just ate some soup without any bread. What's the point
Ania holding a beer up to a skeleton, with his arm on her shoulder
A tweet that says if you go through a break up please don't delete all the pics you have with them on your instagram! I want to scroll through and see if i can figure out where it went wrong
A screenshot of a video with the caption every company during mental health awareness week

Is that it?

Ania has appeared on multiple podcasts, including picking what was described by Ed as ‘one of the worst menus ever’ on Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster. You may have heard her on Radio 5 Live with Elis James and John Robins, Brett Goldstein’s Films to be Buried With, Pappy’s Flatshare, Trusty Hogs, Cuddle Club and The Moon Under Water.

Ania also writes with comedian, journalist and viral sensation Amelia Dimoldenberg on Chicken Shop Date and Amelia’s Cooking Show, featuring guests such as Ed Sheeran, Charli XCX and Louis Theroux. She has opened for Ed Gamble, Marc Maron and Catherine Cohen. She has also appeared on ITV2’s The Stand Up Sketch Show, Dave's Get Off My Phone and Dave’s The Comedy Guide to Life.  

As a writer, she has written for The Emily Atack Show (ITV2), Frankie Boyle’s New World Order (BBC2), Newsjack (BBC R4) and The Now Show (BBC R4). She has also done corporate writing and content creation for major brands such as BeautyPie and PrimeVideoUK. Ania has a growing social media following, including 25k followers on Twitter, and over 1 million views on Youtube with over 20k subscribers. She’s recently branched out into TikTok, amassing over 1.8 million likes. You may recognise her from one of her previous hair colours.

Can I have this information verified by other sources?

Yes sir.


'Artfully accomplished… amiably, unsparingly self-aware… bright, well-wrought autobiographical hour' Brian Logan, The Guardian

'Softly smiling storytelling and twinkly wisecracking… she makes something consistently amusing and deceptively daring that keeps growing in the mind as you keep thinking about it' Dominic Maxwell, The Times

'Beautifully structured show… her storytelling is so deft and skilful… She can make laughter which ripples around the room and builds up into a roar but she can also draw us into a story so we are listening to every word… delightfully easy to listen to… a truly original voice with an impressive set of skills' Claire Smith, The Scotsman

'Takes stand-up comedy to a new level… as touching as it is entertaining… perfectly stitched narrative… profound, modern, incisive, and a master in her art… beyond mere entertainment' Anna Chiari, Theatre Weekly


'The sort of elegantly amusing, surprising and inspiring debut hour that you come to the Fringe to see...she will surely go far' – Dominic Maxwell, The Times 

'An impressive debut from a rising star...will have you crying with laughter' Rachael Healy, The Guardian

'Sharp, poised, and deadpan hilarious ... Magliano is a talent and a half.' Chiara Wilkinson, Time Out

'A glittering new talent' Gwendolyn Smith, iNews

'No erotic pioneer' Chortle

Sky's Best Comedy Show at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023

Best New Show at Leicester Comedy Festival 2022

#1 Pick of Time Out's 'The 11 best comedy shows at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023’.

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Close up of Ania on stage holding a microphone and smiling
Ania on stage doing stand-up

More questions?

What else has she got going on?

Ania is working on some scripted projects, some entertainment ideas and trying to keep at least one houseplant alive for longer than 3 weeks.

Can I talk to Ania?

Your best bet is to contact Ania’s fantastic agent Lee, at Avalon, lhammerman@avalonuk.com or fill out this form. 

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